Everything you need for iManage training

useiManage is a comprehensive subscription training solution for iManage.

Consisting of eLearning, self paced training entitlements with hands on lab access, quick reference cards and best practices - useiManage is designed to get your users and administrators the training they need, when they need it.

What's included?


Unlimited access to eLearning for New Users, Existing Users and System Administrators

Technical & Administrator Training

Entitlements to iManage technical and administrator self paced training, including hands on labs

Quick Reference Cards &
Job Aids

Access to 75+ printable Quick Reference Cards and Job Aids

For one investment, you get access to:

  • Comprehensive suite of eLearning for users and administrators, for all iManage products
  • eLearning as a service, customized with your organizational look and feel and integrated with your single sign on provider
  • Built in reporting functionality for selected users
  • Entitlements to iManage self paced training classes for Administrators and Technical personnel
  • 20% discount on instructor led training classes
  • Vast library of printable quick reference cards


Included in the useiManage subscription is unlimited access to all eLearning content listed below

New Users Users Administrators

Getting Started with iManage Work Web

iManage Work Web

iManage Control Center

Getting Started with iManage Work Desktop for Windows

iManage Work Desktop for Windows

iManage Security Policy Manager

Getting Started with iManage Work Desktop for Mac

iManage Work Desktop for Mac

iManage Threat Manager

Getting Started with iManage Drive

iManage Drive

iManage Share for Administrators

iManage Share

iManage DeskSite

iManage FileSite

iManage DeskSite (Compatibility Mode)

iManage FileSite (Compatibility Mode)

iManage Work Mobility for iOS

iManage Work for Gmail

Self Paced Training

All active useiManage subscriptions contain a number of entitlements (seats) in Administrator or Technical self paced training classes

All classes include use of a cloud based lab environment for completion of directed, hands on exercises

Administrator Classes Availability

iManage Cloud Fundamentals

Coming soon!

iManage Work Certified Application Trainer

Under update

iManage Application Design Essentials

Coming soon!

iManage Threat Manager Administrator

iManage Security Policy Manager Administrator

iManage Records Manager Administrator

iManage Records Manager Electronic Records Administrator

iManage Knowledge Unlocked Administrator

Coming soon!

Technical Classes Availability

iManage Certified System Engineer

Coming soon!

iManage Security Policy Manager Engineer

iManage Records Manager Engineer

iManage Work Indexer (Powered by RAVN)

iManage Platform Upgrade

Coming soon!

Implementing iManage Knowledge Unlocked Essentials

Coming soon!

iManage Work Helpdesk Analyst

iManage Work Full Stack Developer



Get the content relevant to you, your role and the iManage tools you use


Free up time for training on your schedule without interrupting your daily work and without need for travel

Your pace

eLearning and Self Paced Training allows you to learn the skills you need, at your pace

Path to certification

Entitlements to iManage Certification courses

Up to date

Updated as iManage software is updated - ensuring you always have the most up to date content

Single Sign On

Integrated with your organizational single sign on provider - no need for another password!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a training entitlement?


A training entitlement or course entitlement is an annual allotment of seats your organization receives. You can use the entitlement for any course under the useiManage program. The allotment of seats your organization gets varies with the size of your business.

How do I use my training entitlements?


After sign up to useiManage, you will be provided with your annual training entitlements in the form of coupon codes. These codes can be used against any applicable self paced course on https://registration.imanage.com and are valid for 12 months. New entitlements are issued on renewal.

I didn't use all of my training entitlements this year, can I roll them over into next year?


Training entitlements are valid for 12 months and cannot be rolled over.

How do I substitute my online learning with an in-person class?


Self paced entitlements cannot be replaced by live, instructor-led training. useiManage customers are entitle to a 20% discount on any live courses purchased during their subscription period.

How do I buy more training entitlements?


If you require more than your annual self paced training entitlements, you can purchase additional entitlements by emailing training@imanage.com.

I see you’re using a Learning Management System to deliver this content. May my organization create or buy our own content and upload it here?


No - only iManage provided content can be accessed at useimanage.com

I want to integrate this system with my XYZ system. Do you have an API that I can use?


Integration, at this point, is limited to standard Single Sign On (SSO) configuration

How are subscriptions sold?


Customers purchasing subscriptions agree to purchase a minimum of three years (required for on-premise customers) or the balance of their iManage Cloud subscription. In either case, payments are made annually, up-front for each year of the subscription.

I only need training during the rollout. Why buy training as a subscription for up to three years?


The value in using iManage technology is that it is constantly evolving and improving based on feedback from our users. iManage technology updates several times a year. A useiManage subscription empowers your organization to have training on-hand for both technical personnel and business users, when they need it. With a useiManage subscription, your organization is always in a position to get maximum value from our technology. Additionally, eLearning and self paced training is a great way to ramp up new hires and we recommend including iManage training in your onboarding process.