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Following completion of the training you are invited to register for the iManage Work Indexer Powered by RAVN certification exam.



Will I get hands on?



This training is around 50% practical - you will deploy a RAVN Indexer, configure indexing jobs, query your indexed data, and much more.

After registration, you will receive a voucher code to activate a lab environment. This code is valid for 365 days for activation and will grant access for 10 hours over 14 consecutive days, once activated.

Verify your system will be suitable for our hands on labs at this link: https://imanage.selfpaced.training/precheck


Module Breakdown

Expand sections below for an explanation of module contents.

Module 1 - Overview


Introduction to iManage Work Indexer Powered by RAVN. Includes an introduction to components like iManage Pipeline and RAVN Core. How querying is carried out is also covered.

Module 2 - Indexing


Deep dive into the journey of a RAVN document through the indexing and updating process. This module also covers, in detail, the RAVN Core Unified Schema and data structure, including Properties and Labels. An overview of high availability / scaling larger systems is included.

Module 3 - Requirements, Sizing and Licensing


An overview of how to get started with RAVN Indexer from a sizing and licensing perspective.

Module 4 - Deploy RAVN Indexer


Walk-through of the iManage Work Indexer Powered by RAVN Deploy Tool, including best practices and anti-virus / firewall considerations. In addition, this module covers creation of iManage Pipeline jobs to index iManage Work documents. This module covers deployment of RAVN Indexer in various scenarios, such as across multiple servers and with or without SSL configured. Finally, how to set the RAVN Indexer as the Indexer for your iManage Work Server is discussed.

Module 5 - Searching


Detailed discussion of search behavior, including default search expectation, exact search, wild cards, stop words, protected words and synonyms. This module also includes information on language support and a feature comparison with previous versions of the iManage Work Indexer.

Module 6 - Index Browser and Logs


Using the RAVN Index Browser to query the index, bypassing iManage Work Clients. Logs for all Indexer components are also discussed.

Module 7 - Maintaining the Indexer


Exploration of data backup techniques. In addition, this module also covers how to carry out a data rebuild (reindex).

Module 8 - Reconciliation


Analysis of the need for reconciliation, how the process works and use of the RAVN Reconciliation Tool to achieve synchronization.

Module 9 - Upgrading


Upgrading from a version of iManage Work indexer Powered by RAVN prior to 10.3 is covered. This includes a stepped upgrade of Object Store, updating of Search Server and other considerations to think about when upgrading.



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