Technical personnel responsible for designing, implementing and configuring iManage Work 10 on-premise







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This training is around 50% practical - you will gain experience in deploying, implementing and configuring iManage Work Server components on-premise. You will also gain experience in deploying the iManage Work Indexer (powered by RAVN) as well as installation and configuration of the iManage Refile Service.

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Self paced training is designed to be consumed at your own speed, enabling you to consume content and work on lab exercises on your own schedule. For this course, iManage recommends allowing a minimum of 35 hours to consume all courseware and complete lab exercises.




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Expand sections below for an explanation of module contents.



Introduction to the iManage Certified System Engineer (ICSE) program.

Module 1 - Introduction to iManage


Introduction to the iManage platform, including products and deployment options.

Module 2 - iManage On-Premise Architecture


Overview of the architecture of iManage Work on-premise. This includes the multi-tier server architecture, Micro Services Hub (MSH), storing and editing of documents, and search capabilities.

Module 3 - Install and Configure iManage Work 10 On-Premise


Deep dive into installing and configuring iManage Work on-premise server-side components. This module covers configuring the iManage File Store, database creation, SSL considerations, Windows Server settings, deploying iManage Work Server and related components such as Preview Server, iManage Control Center and iManage Work Web. Included in this module are extensive lab exercises to deploy iManage Work to your lab environment.

Module 4 - Introduction to iManage Control Center


High level introduction to iManage Control Center, the administrative interface for iManage Work.

Module 5 - Users


Details 'Users' in an iManage Work context. This includes User types, external Users, and creating and managing Users with iManage Control Center. This module includes lab exercises related to User management.

Module 6 - Directory Synchronization Service


Deep dive into iManage Directory Synchronization Service to synchronize Users and Groups from a Directory Service such as Microsoft Active Directory, to iManage Work. Lab exercises in this module include deployment and configuration of the service.

Module 7 - User Photos


Learn how User Photos are used in iManage Work, and how to add and maintain User Photos in your environment. In this module you will carry out lab exercises to confirm synchronization of User Photos from Active Directory and adding additional photos to non-Active Directory Users.

Module 8 - Groups


Details 'Groups' in an iManage Work context. This includes Group types, external Groups, and creating and managing Groups with iManage Control Center. This module includes lab exercises related to Group management and assignment.

Module 9 - Roles


Details 'Roles' in an iManage Work context. This includes creating and managing Groups with iManage Control Center. This module includes lab exercises related to Role management and assignment.

Module 10 - Custom Fields


Understand the use of Custom Fields in iManage Work, including fields which have a parent / child relationship. Additionally, this module covers importation of data to Custom Fields, and management of both fields and their captions from iManage Control Center. Lab exercises will configure Custom Fields and values in your environment.

Module 11 - Document Classes


Understand the use of Document Clases and Subclasses in iManage Work. This includes configuration options when creating, and how Subclasses can be used in Refile operations to exclude Workspaces from being refiled. Conflict resolution when conflicts are found between Class and Subclass is also covered. Lab exercises will cover configuring Document Classes and Subclasses in your environment.

Module 12 - Security Model


Covers the options for Security Models in iManage Work. In particular, how the selected Security Model impacts conflicts in relation to document access. Also covered is how to configure the selected Security Model and considerations around iManage Best Practice.

Module 13 - Global Settings


Understand the use and purpose of the Global Settings menu in iManage Control Center.

Module 14 - Workspaces and Templates


Details in-depth Workspaces and Workspace Templates. This includes the purpose of Workspaces and configuration of Templates in order to standardize Workspace structure. Additionally, this module covers all Template elements and options around how they are applied to new Workspaces. In the lab exercises you will create both Workspaces and Templates.

Module 15 - Document Import


Discussion of typical methods of importing existing documents to iManage Work for a new deployment. In the lab exercises, you will import documents to your iManage Work environment.

Module 16 - iManage Work Indexer


A detailed look at how to deploy iManage Work Indexer (powered by RAVN). This module covers all aspects of deployment of the Work Indexer including high availability and disaster recovery scenarios. Reconcilation, maintaining the Indexer and the depoyment best practices are also included. Lab exercises for deploying the Indexer, configuring crawls and verifying deployment are also included.

Module 17 - iManage Work Clients


This module moves to the client-side of the iManage Work deployment and includes details on how to install and configure iManage Work 10 clients, including: iManage Work Desktop for Windows, iManage Work Desktop for Mac, iManage Drive, iManage Work for Gmail and iManage Work for Google Workspace. In the lab exercises you will deploy iManage Work Desktop for Windows to a client system.

Module 18 - Email Management


This module includes an overview of key Email Management terminology and technical architecture of Email Management (EM) as related to iManage Work.

Module 19 - iManage Work Web


Discover the capabilities of iManage Work 10 Web and how its browser-based interface makes managing documents easier than ever. This module equips you with the knowledge and skills needed for the successful use of Work Web from a Users perspective. Lab exercises cover use of iManage Work Web to carry out document management tasks.

Module 20 - Customizing iManage Work Web


Learn how iManage Work Web can be customized to suit your organizational needs and requirements.

Module 21 - iManage Work Desktop for Windows


Learn the iManage Work seamless integration with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Adobe Acrobat. The iManage Work Desktop for Windows module gives you the confidence you need for efficently and productively using iManage Work’s most recognized desktop client. Lab exercises cover use of iManage Work Desktop for Windows to carry out document and email management tasks.

Module 22 - Customizing Desktop Clients


Learn how iManage Work Desktop for Windows and iManage Work Desktop for Mac can be customized to suit your organizational needs and requirements. Additionally, you will learn how customizations can be applied uniquely to Users with varying requirements and needs. Lab exercises will cover customizing and deployment of those customizations to User desktops.

Module 23 - iManage Drive for Windows


iManage Drive enables users to quickly upload documents and save changes to iManage Work. This iManage Drive module provides the knowledge you need for ensuring others succeed after implementation.

Module 24 - Customizing iManage Drive


Learn how iManage Drive for Windows can be customized to suit your organizational needs and requirements.

Module 25 - Content Administration


A key task for iManage Work system administrators is managing and administering content. This includes Documents, Workspaces and Trash. This module coverrs those tasks and provides hands-on content administration in lab exercises.

Module 26 - Refile


Overview of the installation and configuration of the iManage Refile Service on-premise. Additionally, you will learn how to configure Refile rules and have an opportunity to do this in your lab environment.

Module 27 - System Design


Deploying iManage Work involves key system design decisions. This module provides a deep dive into key decisions which should be made at an organizational level before embarking on an implementation project. Additonally, information is provided on where more information can be found in terms of design decisions.

Module 28 - Other Considerations


This final module in the iManage Certified System Engineer (ICSE) program covers other considerations such as updating SSL certificates when they expire, localizing captions in multiple languages, managing Applicatons through iManage Control Center, SAML authentication and iManage Share integration.


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