iManage Threat Manager administrators and users who want to improve their knowledge and maximize the efficacy of iManage Threat Manager, on-premise or in the iManage Cloud.







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Self paced training is designed to be consumed at your own speed, enabling you to consume content and work on lab exercises on your own schedule. For this course, iManage recommends allowing a minimum of 4 hours to consume all courseware.





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Expand sections below for an explanation of module contents.

Module 1 - Introduction to iManage Threat Manager


Introduces you to iManage Threat Manager, including the challenges it overcomes and the benefits of the software, as well as a quick overview of how iManage Threat Manager alerts you to at risk behaviors.

Module 2 - Getting Started with iManage Threat Manager


A quick overview of where you can obtain the software and a high level look at establishing the iManage Threat Manager appliance.

Module 3 - Interface


A brief introduction to allow you to get familiar with, and learn to navigate, the iManage Threat Manager application homepage. You will access the lab environment here to navigate and familiarize yourself in preparation of later lab exercises.

Module 4 - Configuration


An overview of the Configuration tasks available, ranging from general settings, email templates, system settings, robot training inputs and roles. You will work with some settings in the lab environment.

Module 5 - Detect and Protect


An in depth look into the Detect and Protect feature. Includes an explanation of what Detect and Protect is, how to create Detect and Protect Rules, how to work with the alerts generated, and some best practice recommendations to get the most from the feature. You will create rules in the lab environment, and investigate alerts.

Module 6 – Behavior Analytics


An in depth look at the Behavior Analytics feature. Includes an explanation of what the feature does and the benefits, how to create rules, best practices, perform analysis and manage results. You will create rules and perform analysis, as well as investigate results in the lab environment.

Module 7 – Matter Activity


An in depth look at the Matter Activity feature. Includes an explanation of the feature, how to create rules and how to manage results. You will create matter activity rules in the lab environment.

Module 8 – Compliance



Module 9 - Outliers


Introduces the concept of Outlier Analysis and covers how to perform outlier analysis and manage results. You will perform an outlier analysis in the lab environment and investigate the results.


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