Helpdesk Personnel supporting iManage Work users






Following completion of the training you are invited to register for the iManage Helpdesk Analyst certification exam.

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This training is around 50% practical - you will gain extensive experience using and administering iManage Work, using the iManage Support Tool, and much more.


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Self paced training is designed to be consumed at your own speed, enabling you to consume content and work on lab exercises on your own schedule. For this course, iManage recommends allowing a minimum of 12 hours to consume all courseware and complete lab exercises.




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Expand sections below for an explanation of module contents.



Introduction to the iManage Work Helpdesk Analyst program.

Module 1 - Introduction to iManage


Introduction to the iManage platform, including products and deployment options.

Module 2 - iManage Work Web


Discover the capabilities of iManage Work 10 Web and how its browser-based interface makes managing documents easier than ever. By reviewing self-paced learning content and completing hands-on lab exercises, this module equips you with the knowledge and skills needed for the successful use of Work Web.

Module 3 - iManage Work Desktop for Windows


Learn the iManage Work seamless integration with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Adobe Acrobat. The narrated content allows you to learn at your own pace. At the same time, you receive hands-on experience through lab exercises. The iManage Work Desktop for Windows module gives you the confidence you need for efficiently and productively using iManage Work’s most recognized desktop client.

Module 4 - iManage Work Desktop for Mac


Expand your iManage Work expertise to Apple products. With a familiar interface in a Mac native application, and integration with Office for Mac, iWork, and Preview, the iManage Work Desktop for Mac module helps understand the usage of iManage Work for macOS.

Module 5 - iManage Drive for Windows


iManage Drive enables users to quickly upload documents and save changes to iManage Work. This iManage Drive module provides the knowledge you need for successful, and productive, use. The lab exercises that accompany the module enable hands on experience with iManage Drive.

Module 6 - iManage Drive for Mac


Expand your iManage Drive expertise to iManage Drive for Mac. This iManage Drive module provides the knowledge you need for successful, and productive, use of iManage Drive on macOS.

Module 7 - iManage Work for Microsoft Teams


iManage Work for Microsoft Teams allows integration with iManage Work and your Microsoft Teams chats and channels. This module covers the iManage Bot and the overall integration with iManage Work, in depth.

Module 8 - iManage Share


The iManage Share module delivers the information you need to know collaborating with external parties, covering both the integration with iManage Work and the iManage Share web portal.

Module 9 - iManage Control Center


iManage Control Center is designed to speed up administration of the iManage Work platform, by offering an intuative and easy to use web interface. This module covers all you need to know about iManage Control Center, with a focus on administering iManage Work 10.

Module 10 - iManage Support Tool


Assist users who may be encountering challenges. Using the iManage Support Tool, troubleshoot issues effectively and support users who may have questions.

Through presentations and hands on labs, this module prepares you to provide technical support for your organization both efficiently and effectively.

Module 11 - iManage Support Best Practices


Learn and apply best practices to working with the iManage Support Team.

Module 12 - Introduction to iManage Threat Manager


 An introduction to iManage Threat Manager, helping you understand the product capabilities, usecases and how it can be used to protect sensitive information against internal and external threats.

Module 13 - Introduction to iManage Security Policy Manager


An introduction to iManage Security Policy Manager, helping you understand the product capabilities, usecases and how it can help to protect content.


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