Our Approach

The value in partnering with iManage for Work 10 adoption is that your organization has the flexibility to choose from a wide array of both free and fee-based learning tools and services. iManage can engage in a way that meshes well with your business objectives, current staffing, timelines and budget.

Three Key Phases

Listen to and understand the users

Before attempting to train users, you must listen to and understand them. How and where do they work? What are their current challenges? What are their frustrations with the status quo? Who are their clients and what levels of service do their clients demand? What are the top 5 documents they work on? When you analyze these critical adoption factors, it’s easy to convey to users how Work 10 features will improve the way they work. iManage can work with you to perform an analysis in as little as one workday.

Deliver targeted training & communications

Once you know precisely how users work, it’s time to train them. The key to successful adoption is to avoid over-training users with features that don’t matter. Instead, target the top 5 tasks that are accomplished in each practice group or department. iManage recommends that you deliver live, hands-on, instructor-led introductory training that primarily focuses on these tasks. Thereafter, it is critical that you provide them with on-demand supplemental training tools: bespoke eLearning, short videos, and quick reference cards.

Once the decision has been made to rollout an iManage solution, you can put to superb use the months and weeks leading up to the go‑live date. Leverage your analysis of each practice group to create targeted communications that highlight precisely how Work 10 will positively impact the primary tasks in that practice group. Doing so will whet the learning appetite of your audiences and yield great adoption. iManage will be happy to assist your organization with this aspect.

Provide timely response after go-live

The period immediately after go-live is when adoption rates are at risk to decline. It is critical to listen to users’ feedback during this phase, then immediately respond to their concerns with targeted learning events and tools that address their needs. Floor walkers are the tried and true method of responding to gathering users’ sentiments and immediately responding to their needs.