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Deploying on premise


Can I get certified?





Following completion of the training you are invited to register for the iManage Work Indexer Powered by RAVN certification exam.



Will I get hands on?



This training is around 50% practical - you will deploy a RAVN Indexer, configure indexing jobs, query your indexed data, and much more.


Verify your system will be suitable for our hands on labs at this link: https://imanage.instructorled.training/precheck


Module Breakdown

Expand sections below for an explanation of module contents.

Module 1 - Overview


Introduction to iManage Work Indexer Powered by RAVN and its components.

Module 2 - Indexing


Deep dive into the journey of a RAVN document through the indexing and updating process. This module also includes information on the RAVN Core database and an overview of high availability / scaling larger systems.

Module 3 - Requirements, Sizing and Licensing


An overview of the iManage Work Indexer Powered by RAVN First Adopter Program.

Module 4 - Deploy RAVN Indexer


Walk-through of the iManage Work Indexer Powered by RAVN Deploy Tool, including best practices and anti-virus / firewall considerations. In addition, this module covers creation of RAVN Pipeline jobs to index iManage Work documents.  

Module 5 - Searching


Detailed discussion of search behavior, including default search expectation, exact search, wild cards, stop words, protected words and synonyms. This module also includes information on language support and a feature comparison with previous versions of the iManage Work Indexer.

Module 6 - Index Browser and Logs


Using the RAVN Index Browser to query the index, bypassing iManage Work Clients. Logs for all Indexer components are also discussed.

Module 7 - Maintaining the Indexer


Exploration of data backup techniques. In addition, this module also covers how to carry out a data rebuild (reindex).

Module 8 - Reconciliation


Analysis of the need for reconciliation, how the process works and use of the RAVN Reconciliation Tool to achieve synchronization.

Module 9 - Other iManage RAVN Solutions


Brief overview of other iManage RAVN solutions: iManage Insight, iManage Classify and iManage Extract, inclusive of use case examples.



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