Partner Business Analyst personnel, responsible for planning and implementing business analysis and design aspects of an onboarding project to Cloud iManage.







Following completion of the training you are invited to register for the iManage Cloud Onboarding Business Analysis Specialist certification exam.





Self paced training is designed to be consumed at your own speed, enabling you to consume content and work on lab exercises on your own schedule. For this course, iManage recommends allowing a minimum of 10 hours to consume all courseware and prepare for your certification exam.




This certification course is designed to be stand-alone, with no required prerequisite training. However, for those with little to no experience of the iManage, the following course may provide background information which some may find useful:


Expand sections below for an explanation of module contents.

Module 1 - Project Roles and Responsibilities


This module deep dives into the roles in a cloud onboarding project across the customer, iManage and the partner organization. The responsibilities of each role are also discussed.

Module 2 - Initiate


A detailed look at the Initiate project phase, from the perspective of a Partner Business Analysis Specialist. This includes accessing and using iManage provided project collateral, meeting cadence and outcomes, and definition of customer success outcomes as a result of the Business Discovery Meeting.

Module 3 - Design


Designing a system to meet the needs and required cusomter success outcomes is critical to learn term adoption. This module focusses on overall application design, including migration, metadata and workspaces.

Module 4- Optimize Overview


Moving into the project Optimize phase, this module covers the responsibilities of the Partner Business Analysis Specialist during this phase. The 'out of the box' configuration is covered, along with best practices for System Handover Day.

Module 5 - User Acceptance Testing


User Acceptance Testing, known as UAT, is the testing of real system use, by real system users. In this module, you'll understand the overall UAT purpose and process, along with how you as the Business Analysis Specialist fits into UAT.

Module 6 - Setting Your Customer Up for Continued Success


Launch is just the beginning of the customer organizations' journey with iManage Cloud. In this module, next steps are discussed with long-term adoption in mind. This includes available resources from iManage, such as useiManage or docs.imanage.com are discussed.

Module 7 - Change Management


Effectively using change management strategies to prepare your customer for change is critical. This module discusses the application of the ADKAR model to manage change, including how to communicate and apply business goals effectively.


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